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We are growing rapidly and are always on the look out for  pioneers who want to help create a healthier, more sustainable world.


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Our Values

We are Good & Nice

We are good at what we do and we are nice with it. There is no space to be good but not nice or nice but not good.

We are judged only on Results

Output not input is all that matters. Not presenteeism, not to-do-lists and certainly not aimless meetings.

We are Responsible


We step up, we own up, we say ‘I’ve got this’ and we do. We practise what we preach and do the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

We are Caring

We care intensely about our members. We celebrate every success along their journey as if it were our own. We care about the world we are leaving our children and how we treat others.

We are Always Learning

We use every opportunity to listen without judgement, to learn and to grow. We believe feedback is a gift and are happy to ask for help when we don’t know something.

We are Nimble

We make data driven decisions quickly and act fast if things change. We are action orientated, we are doers. We have short-terms objectives and long-term goals.

We are Data Driven

We may have a gut feel for something but we always use data to inform our intuition. We stay up to date on the science behind nutrition and sustainability and if it changes, we change. 

We are Optimistic


We are glass half full. We believe we change the world and we stay perpetually hopeful.